MTAM School

M'Tam SchoolM'tam School of Kemetic Philosophy & Spirituality

The Earth Center’s M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy & Spirituality offers the initiatic education as taught in the traditions of Kemet since the Pharaonic period. The initiatic knowledge has been separated into three subjects to make it accessible to an individual in the modern lifestyle. Even though the knowledge is positioned in a class format that is more familiar to the modern school system, it is very different. The initiation process is not limited to the few hours that the classes meet. It is found through the interaction of the community where the knowledge must be applied and assimilated.

Medu Language

mtam1The Medu class runs approximately two hours. During this time a lecture and/or language instruction will be the focus of study. One must learn the culture and paradigm that accompanies it. Understanding the paradigm from which human civilization originates is the focus of this class. Initiates will study spiritual texts, learn how to read, write, and speak the Medu language known by those outside traditional societies as Egyptian hieroglyphs. The modern anthropological study believe the language to be dead but it is alive and well. It has been passed down since the times of the Pharaohs, within the “Mystery School” or initiatic education, from master to initiate. Initiates receive it the same way as those who preceded them. No books are used for this class.

Ka’at Ibi Meditation

mtam2Ka’at Ibi is the original form of meditation as practiced by Kemetic priests and worshippers since the Pharaonic era. It is the derivative of these techniques that has formed the modern meditation and yoga. Ka’at Ibi is presented as close as possible to the practices of those who would receive it in the bush. The class contains breathing techniques, body movements, chanting, transcendental meditation, relaxation, and much more. Graduates receive a diploma that allows them to teach the Ka’at Ibi under the supervision of The Earth Center elders.


Sounnt Traditional Healingmtam3

M’TAM offers a healing certification program in which initiates will learn how the body functions from a traditional perspective. Initiates will learn to diagnose illnesses through various techniques used in traditional diagnosis. Initiates are required to take the Ka’at Ibi in order to take the Healing class. Upon completion, initiates can apprentice with a practicing Ankhkasta healer in their respective area and then further their healing training on the continent of Meritah.

Class schedules are set by the respective generations. At the start of a new class session, all initiates come together and choose the dates and times of the three classes depending on their collective schedules. One may take a single class or all three at once.

The first level of study contains a year’s worth of curriculum but depending on the pace of the generation in their learning and application of the knowledge the length of the first level of initiation can vary drastically.

Call your local center for a schedule of classes. We invite you to sit in on a class.

Currently, we have schools located in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Chicago, Illinois; Jamaica, New York; San Diego, California; Charleston, West Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; London, England; and Birmingham, England. If you are located outside of these areas, you can work to bring a center to your area. Once there are twenty-five students ready to enter initiation in a given area The Earth Center will send a teacher to start activities. We offer these suggestions:

  • Start a study group of interested individuals who come together to study materials from Firefly Productions.
  • Arrange lecture venues and media appearances in your area for Earth Center teachers in order to raise awareness and interest in your area
  • Call The Earth Center and request promotional materials.
  • Research a space in which The Earth Center can occupy and conduct our activities.

For more information or to request promotional activities call (773) 359-4160