The Ankhkasta Healing Center “Het Aishat”

“Healthy people build a healthy world.”

This is the mantra of Ankhkasta Natural Healing. Ankhkasta is the healing branch of The Earth Center whose mission is to provide humanity with the tools necessary to reconnect with Kemetic (African) traditions and spirituality. This year, The Earth Center and Ankhkasta celebrate the 20th anniversary of this mission in the West. However, this mission represents Kemetic civilisations that are over 100,000 years old.

For over 30 years, Ankhkasta has served countless people across West African, the United States and Europe. Ankhkasta continues to provide solutions for people who have not had success solving their health issues either with modern medicine or other forms of alternative healing. For many people, Ankhkasta is not just an alternative, it has become their primary option for addressing their health concerns. The accuracy of health consultations by Ankhkasta healers, along with the potency of healing methods has yielded positive, if not amazing results for thousands. In addition to herbal remedies, Ankhkasta provides spiritual readings and spiritual healing for those with problems of a spiritual or non-physical nature. Ankhkasta’s services are trusted and used by hundreds of people worldwide each year.

As an extension of its mission, The Earth Center is constructing the Het Aishat Healing Center in the Tchaoudjo region of Central Togo, West Africa. I had the good fortune to interview Nekhitem Kamenthu, one of the lead organisers for this crucial project. He shared important information about the background of Het Aishat.

Het is a Medu word meaning “temple” and Aishat is the Goddess. She is one of humanity's Ancestral Goddesses, she is like the mother of the original model of the father mother and child. In her attributes as a Goddess, one of her specialities is healing power and medicine. The temple was named Het Aishat for the Great Goddess Aishat and all the healing attributes she brings of healing, medicine and magic powers. That’s what we were naming the healing centre for and in naming it that, we’re calling upon her energies in our work there.

Building Het Aishat was part of the mission of The Earth Center which includes really championing traditional culture and finding a means to ensure it’s transmitted to the future generations and also using it as a teaching tool. So, Het Aishat is really going to be a large healing centre, entirely staffed by traditional priests using traditional modalities of healing. This is not only going to serve as a location where people can be healed of various illnesses, but it will also serve as an educational nexus or centre because all of the young priests who are apprenticing will be able to be there and sit at the feet of their teachers and it will be a huge vehicle for being able to pass on the [knowledge] for the newer generations. There will be a lot of opportunity for people to constantly observe and study under the head healers who are there. So, not only will it be a place sustaining the methodologies through the basic work the healers for the people who come to be healed, but it will also serve as an educational vehicle for up and coming priests, priestesses and healers locally and from abroad.

The priests and healers staffing Het Aishat will primarily be descendants of the Tem people who inhabit the region. The Tem people have successfully preserved their traditions while resisting systematic invasions by French and Muslim influences. They possess powerful, effective abilities in the domains of healing and spirituality. Het Aishat will be a place where these traditions can be passed on, continuing this history of resistance and resilience. It is located on 20 hectares in the mountains near the city of Tchaoudjo (Sokode). According to Nekhitem, this location was great for the construction of the centre:

The land there is very pure, it’s very clean, it’s far away from the city which is a perfect place for the healing centre. It’s close enough to the city to have access, but far enough away to benefit from the clean and unadulterated energies of the countryside.

People in the West are realising the limitations, costs and dangers faced when receiving treatments from the modern medical system and are trying alternatives. While there are many forms of alternative medicine available in the West, there is a severe lack of places to go for acute and long-term care. Het Aishat is also being constructed to help fill that void. Nekhitem elaborates on how Het Aishat will benefit the people of the world:

These are traditions that are millenniums old, this is the living legacy of the Nile Valley culture.

Tem culture and traditional cultures are more pragmatic because they acknowledge the different aspects of a human being whereas modern medicine only focuses on the material or gross material aspect of the person and therefore leaves out a lot of the necessary considerations in diagnosing issues. A human being is a compilation of multiple factors so when diagnosing and treating a person you have to incorporate all those phenomena in order to to come up with an accurate solution. When you cut out the spiritual and non-material aspects [of a human being] in trying to find a resolution for a balance, then you’re going to always come up with partial [and therefore insufficient] solutions which is characteristic of the modern system. So I would say that there’s an intelligence to seeking solutions from the culture that has a more advanced knowledge of what a human being is and what the human condition is.

If you’re the kind of person that sees a value in traditional [indigenous] medicine and you’re trying to seek that as a solution because you’ve seen a problem with modern medicine and its solutions then you’re paying for something of quality. If you’re going to pay for something, why not pay for something that’s quality? If you have an opportunity to get something that’s quality, and you have to pay for it, why not pay for that instead of taking a discount [through your insurance policy] for something that’s going to end up killing you?

Considering the legacy of excellence that Het Aishat is being built upon, we look forward to it being opened to the public and witnessing the benefits it will provide humanity. Construction of facilities there are ongoing and The Earth Center is currently accepting tax-deductible donations to assist with the costs. If you are interested in contributing to this mission or receiving services at the healing centre, contact The Earth Center’s US headquarters in Chicago, Illinois at 773-359-4160.

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