Brain Cleanser/Sinus Issues


Directions: Take a small pinch and snuff into one nostril. Immediately afterwards, snuff another small pinch into your other nostril. You will most likely sneeze repeatedly, which is okay. Keep snorting (do not snuff more of the remedy than the initial 2 pinches. Just keep snorting what is already in your nose). Wait at least 5 minutes before blowing your nose. Repeat this process 1 time every other day.



This herbal remedy is a snuff, which is a common form of medicine throughout Africa because of its effectiveness in immediately reaching the sinuses and the brain. Cleaning the brain is often overlooked in the modern world, even though many people constantly work and live indoors in places not well-ventilated or not ventilated at all, smoke or are exposed to smoke, and use pollutants such as household cleaners regularly. All of the dust, toxins and chemical agents that the brain is exposed to from these instances build up over time and can induce brain issues. For this reason it behooves anyone to use the brain cleanser on a regular basis. Effective for:


  • Allergies
  • General sinus issues
  • Cleansing the brain of toxins
  • Stroke prevention
  • Rebuilding the nerves in the brain