Digestive Cleanser


Directions : Put 1 tsp. of the herb in a cup of hot water and drink. If no bowel movement, then take the 2nd teaspoon after one hour. Drink plenty of room temperature water. You will feel weak and thirsty. You will have several bowel movements.



This is an herb used to clean the digestive tract, specifically the small and large intestines. A large consumption of food such as red meat, poultry and other foods can lead to a build up in the intestines. This is due to the long time it takes for these substances to break down and digest. In today’s society it isn’t uncommon for a person to have several pounds of undigested food sitting in their intestines for weeks or even years! Therefore, for general maintenance it is suggested to take one dose of digestive cleanser at least twice a year. But, it can be used more often depending on the quality of one’s diet. Effective for:

  • Removing meat and other built-up food from the small and large intestines (safer than colonics)
  • Helping keep the digestive tract functioning normally
  • Colorectal cancer prevention
  • Preventing or alleviating constipation