Golmo Herb Sale




Just this year (2015), more than 100 million people reported that they suffer from the digestive disease hemorrhoids, which is caused by poor diet and eating habits. Modern medicine doesn’t recognize the severity of hemorrhoid issues and only has solutions to temporarily relieve pains and discomforts caused by it – even goes so far as to surgically remove them. (note: the most popular drug costs approx $45.00 per bottle). However, hemorrhoids can lead to hypertension and heart disease.
This herb relieves symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, which contribute to many health issues such as, dysfunction of major organs, swollen heart, toxicity of the blood, low sexual energy, vision issues, headaches, unexplained fatigue, and more.
A recipe of the Gourmantche/Gulmu people in Meritah, Golmo is made with barks, herbs and spices.This herb is soaked in tonic water (with natural sugar, not corn syrup) for the quinine found in it.