Health Consultation


Only available in select locations. Please visit our contact page and contact the store before scheduling.



An Ankhkasta health consultation is a non-invasive assessment of the organs of the human body as well as the ailments that the body may be dealing with, which is conducted in accordance with traditional African healing methods. Ankhkasta health consultations are performed by expert healers and/or their apprentices that have studied in Africa and continue to apprentice directly from master African healers. Our healers use all-natural, all-organic herbal remedies which are comprised of various barks, roots, and herbs mostly from Burkina Faso and Togo.

These remedies are meant to clean and restore balance to the organs so that they are able to function at their greatest capacity.

You can find out about and resolve your:

● Blood pressure issues (high/low)

● Heart, liver, kidney and pancreas dysfunctions

● Sexual issues

● Digestive issues (reason for stomach aches, bloating, etc.)

● Headaches

● Vision issues

● …and more!