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Reproductive system and sexual stimulant


Ninika is a very potent blood cleanser. It has been used for thousands of years throughout Africa (most currently in West African countries including Burkina Faso and Togo) for many conditions and illnesses. It is a combination of 9 different barks and roots, the recipe of which was developed by the Tem people (currently located throughout West Africa). It is said that you won’t find a Tem healer without Ninika in his bag. Its highly effective blood cleansing properties helped it earn the name “the human being’s best friend”. This product usually accompanies other herbal recipes to fight hundreds of diseases. The modern diet often consists of salty chips, snacks, fatty meats, high fructose corn syrup, candy, sweets, and other foods that contain these toxins. They accumulate in the blood, leading to thicker, slower moving blood (high blood pressure), especially for those over the age of 30 whom have been consuming these toxins for several years. The blood travels to every organ in the body delivering nutrients. So, it is beneficial to use Ninika for maintenance and keeping the blood clean (we recommend at least 2 doses of Ninika per year). The herb comes in various forms, including a ball, loose bark and powder. Ninika is remarkably effective for the following:

  • Cleaning the blood of abnormal cells (that can lead to tumor growth and cancer)
  • Lowering blood pressure levels
  • Reducing blood cholesterol levels
  • Increasing immunity
  • Thyroid issues
  • Improving blemishes
  • Balancing hormones
  • Improving outlook and emotional well-being

KanKanKan –

KanKanKan has been used in Africa as a sexual stimulant for thousands of years. Before the modern medical system invented Viagra and other male stimulants, this herbal solution to performance and virility issues was being used by men throughout the motherland continent. It is 100% safe, organic, and natural and will not cause undesired side effects (unless you take too much…your wife or girlfriend might beg for mercy!).

KanKanKan is sold per teaspoon. One typically uses the entire teaspoon per “evening” (not per “event”), although it is wise to adjust the dosage to your own body’s metabolism. KanKanKan has no side effects and can be used by anyone who is physically capable for sexual activity. If you suffer from other conditions that might impair sexual performance, such as diabetes, hypertension, or other conditions, you will need a different herb to increase your sexual performance