Rising Firefly 71 *Paper Version*


Order today to receive the most recent volume of the largest Kemetic journal in the world. This issue contains up to date Bayuali (Earth Energy) readings for the next 3 Kemetic months of Kairika, Tepia and M’Kir, (from December 10, 2015 to March 8th, 2016), as well as an explanation of the Kemetic the First and Second Trinity of Gods.


Read topics such as….

  • Philosophy Podium: The Origin of the World – The First Trinity
  • Pilgrim’s Walking Stick: The Second Trinity
  • Earth Talk: The Perpetuation of Slavery through Public School Education
  • Spiritual Observations: Fasting According to the Sidereal Calendar
  • Harmonious Healing: Charms for Newborns
  • Catastrophe in the Great Lakes: Part IIII – Betrayal

and more…