Rising Firefly Subscription


*As a standard, if you purchase a Rising Firefly Subscription then the subscription will begin with the most current issue. If the Bayuali readings from the current issue are expired, then you will not be sent the current issue. You will be sent the following issue when it is printed. If you prefer not to wait, then please call our office or email us at firefly@theearthcenter.com. *


The Rising Firefly is a Kemetic journal of culture, philosophy, healing and spirituality. We aim to strengthen education, spirituality, culture and unity among all of Humanity by supporting the cradle of civilization & human genius….Tameri (Africa)! The Rising Firefly is the largest international publication dealing exclusively with Indigenous Kemetic Culture. Subscribe now for access to the largest living Kemetic Magazine publication.

-1 year subscription($25)= 4 Issues