Sidereal Calendar Subscription – SPECIAL OFFER (Year 417 + next 3 yrs.)


For just $77, receive the calendar for the upcoming year (Year 415) plus the next 3 years (416, 417 and 418). If you buy a calendar subscription then you will receive one of the latest issues of the RF free

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* NOTE: We are now sold out of Sidereal Calendar Year 416. If you purchase a subscription, it will begin with Sidereal Calendar Year 417*

-Only $77!
-Free Shipping All 4 years!
-Free Rising Firefly

For the first time, The Earth Center will be offering Real Year (4-year) subscriptions of the Sidereal Calendar. The subscription includes the upcoming year (Year 417) plus the next 3 years (418, 419 and 420). Each year as soon as we get the calendar printed it is shipped directly to you!

The Real Year
The astronomical reality is that 365 days or 366 days do not represent a year; this is if we keep in mind the importance of exact positioning, whether it is Synodic or Sidereal. A cycle is complete only if it offers two similar positions. The concept of a year revolving around 365 or 366 days is, in reality, a seasonal cycle from which the important elements are the four seasons that we notice.

1461 revolutions of the Earth (1461 years) gives to the interstellar conjunctions seen through the Earth the astronomical phenomenon we call the Heliacal Rising of Sirius. The cycle of 1461 years can be divided into cycles of medium years of 1461 days. The 1461 day cycle is the real cycle of a revolution of Earth and can be divided into 3 years of 365 days and 1 year of 366 days. The 1461 day cycle is known as a real yearbecause it is a complete cycle, whereas each 365 or 366 day cycle is known as a seasonal year or a farmer’s year…

The seasonal year is divided into 13 months: 12 months of 30 days and 1 month of 5 days. Each 30 day month is divided into 10 day periods known as metheru (pronounced “met-heru’). One month of 5 days comes as the 13th month and completes the end of the seasonal cycle. At the end of the 4th consecutive seasonal cycle, a 6th day is added to the 13th month. This day, known as World Renewal Day, is added to keep the calendar in astronomical alignment with the Septet cycle. This is where the modern idea of the leap year comes from. In other words, the year of 366 days generally known as the “leap year” is, in reality, the last portion of the medium year of 1461 days.