Souley Liver Cleanser


Directions: Directions: Directions vary by herb. Please refer to the directions in the package of Souley that you order.

To learn more about Souley see Firefly issue #74,”Herbal Healing”.



Souley – Souley is a liver and kidney cleanser which helps detox and restore function to the liver and kidneys. The liver is a vital organ as it is essential to digest food and it also prevents certain toxins from entering into the bloodstream. Alcohol and drug use (including over-the-counter drugs and pharmaceuticals) affect the liver, as do everyday toxins in food such as fat/oil, sugar and salt. The kidneys assist in removing these toxins from the blood before eliminating them through urination. Over time, both of these organs require regular cleansing in order to keep them functioning at their highest capacity. Being that the liver and kidneys are organs that help keep the blood clean, it is important to use Souley hand-in-hand with Ninika (blood cleanser) because if you only clean the blood then the organs that clean the blood will continue to struggle to keep the blood clean. Or, if you only clean the liver/kidneys and not the blood then the blood can dirty the liver/kidneys again. Souley is recommended for periodic use for everyone, especially those who drink alcohol, use any kind of drug, or live in polluted areas (we recommend at least 2 doses per year). The herb comes in various forms, including a ball, loose bark and powder. Souley is highly effective for:

  • Cleaning the liver and kidneys
  • Preventing liver dysfunction from alcohol use
  • Rejuvenating liver function
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Hepatitis and jaundice prevention