The Rising Firefly Volume 72 *Paper Version*

Order today to receive the most recent volume of the largest Kemetic journal in the world. This issue contains up to date Bayuali (Earth Energy) readings for the next 3 Kemetic months (from March 9th, 2016 to June 6th, 2016), as well as an explanation of the Kemetic the First and Second Trinity of Gods.


Read topics such as…

  • Philosophy Podium: The Berlin Conference – Creating The Devil’s Garden
  • Pilgrim’s Walking Stick: Heru’s Initiation
  • Earth Talk: Alternative Education
  • In Search Of The God’s: Omenani Traditional Igbo Spirituality
  • Harmonious Healing: Grain Of Selim
  • Catastrophe in the Great Lakes: Part 5 – Betrayal
  • and more…