Empower the Villages that have Preserved Humanity’s Spiritual Wealth

Our founder grew up looking at the scar of the slave brand burned into his grandmother’s arm. See, she had escaped from a slave pen located along the Mono River on the “Slave Coast” of West Africa.  

Her descendants were that close to a very different life.

Her grandson inherited her wisdom and in time traveled out of his remote, Dogon village carrying a spiritual wealth that he would share with those whose descendants weren’t as lucky as his grandmother’s.  

Today, more and more people from all different backgrounds benefit from this spiritual wealth that much of humanity lost.

Your support will help us maintain our charitable projects, education centers, publishing house and healing centers, connecting those in the West with humanity’s oldest traditions of healing and spiritual education.

Our Mission

The Earth Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting humanity's Ancestral culture in order to sustain the health and well-being of all people.
We are an organization based on respect of human dignity regardless of race, gender, age, religion, socioeconomic status, philosophical or political belief.

Contact us

US Headquarters: (773) 359-4160
UK Headquarters: (0208) 558 3678
Meritah (West Africa): (226) 74-89-28-28
Canada: (514) 583-2320

The Earth Center
Preserving and Promoting Kem Culture