Reconnecting Humanity Back to Nature

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The Earth Center is coming from the perspective of African Civilisations
as the African Continent is the cradle of all civilisations. We believe that by
going back to the origins of civilisation, we will bring unity among all people.
It is time we look for the unity of all humankind!

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We achieve this through four branches

Charitable Projects

Here's what we are doing in Africa to show appreciation to the communities who have preserved our oldest traditions.

Meritah Projects


Learn more about the knowledge of Dogon spirituality, health, and cultural traditions with these invaluable publications.

Firefly Products

Natural Healing

Natural herbal recipes and products that are grown using age old indigenous agricultural traditions.


Dogon Initiation

Learn and apply Dogon spirituality  and start living a quality life based on the original Kemetic
cultural value system.

M'TAM School
With your help

We have opened more temples,
built more wells, housed more children,
and impacted 10,000's worldwide.


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Our Mission

The Earth Center is an 501C(3) Non Profit organization based on respect of human dignity regardless of race, gender, age, religion, socioeconomic status, philosophical or political belief. It represents the first mission or cultural outreach institution of the existing Kemetic temples.

Contact us

US Headquarters: (773) 359-4160
UK Headquarters: (0207) 175 4144
Meritah (West Africa): (226) 25-37-53-13
Canada: (514) 583-2320

The Earth Center
Preserving and Promoting Kem Culture