An Opportunity to Mobilise

For the past fifteen years, The Earth Center has offered the opportunity for interested and dedicated individuals to be initiated into the origins of their Ancestral culture at our locations around the world.  Initiation is the traditional rite of passage by which human beings learn to be human beings, cautious of how they fit in existence/nature and function within their respective gender roles and responsibilities. In conjunction with traditional initiation and reconnecting people to their ancestral legacy, The Earth Center is also working to build bridges with indigenous cultures worldwide. This movement is bringing a form of revolution to the diaspora that is different from the methods that have been tried before.

In order to understand why a new method is needed for a revolution to succeed, we need to closely examine our history. A revolution entails efforts to fundamentally change the order or structure of an organization, society, etc.  If we look back in history at cultures around the world, we can take note of many revolutionary movements with a variety of purposes, influences and outcomes; some successful and many not. Ultimately many movements have been unsuccessful at least in part for one important reason. The methods and ideologies used in revolutionary movements with the intent to change the colonial order have been those learned and adopted from the colonialists themselves! But no other group can master the colonialists’ tactics better than those very colonialists. This is why the success of these movements has been limited.

Let’s take for example the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in the United States. This was a movement that was intended to end racial segregation and change the political, social, legal and economic standing of Africans in America. It sought to integrate a people into this colonial/modern system, which really was not designed for them in the first place.

Although the Movement succeeded in breaking down certain legal barriers, the truth of the matter is that separation caused by the preferences of individuals or by subtle institutional racism is still the rule of the day. The individual preferences of those who have authority over institutions continue to impede the social and economic security or authority of black people. These powerful individuals have mastered tactics to circumvent any legal barriers which go against their personal preferences and political affiliations; the same barriers which were secured by the Civil Rights Movement. This is just one example of using the enemy’s tactics to rebel against an oppressive system.

When analyzing this movement which sought to bring about major change through the use of the colonizers tactics, it is no surprise to see the current statistics of black people in America. Statistics illustrate a large gap between black and white Americans in housing, health care, life expectancy, infant mortality, and income. Unemployment among blacks is double that of whites, the poverty rate of black Americans is double the national rate, and 50 percent of the nation’s prisoners are black.  

The Earth Center’s mission, started by Prophet Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, brings something different to those of the diaspora. In order to address the destruction humanity is facing and bring about positive change, the Prophet instructed and guided people to use the traditions, practices and ideologies of their Ancestors rather than those of the colonizers’. Our Ancestors’ ways worked and sustained humanity for millennia, so why not return to those practices in order to adopt a sustainable way of life?  It is the continent of Meritah (Africa) that holds the origins to all subject matters and foundations of knowledge, including, mathematics, science, medicine, spirituality, etc. so humanity needs to return to this knowledge base and credit the intellectual, physical and spiritual investments of our Ancestors. We must return to this knowledge base in order to reconnect with our culture, values and history.

As the descendants of people who were brutally disconnected from those foundational values, we are left at a disadvantage. We have been brought up by the colonizers and therefore we do not have an understanding of how to return to the ways of our ancestors. For 20 years The Earth Center has been paving the way for those who understand the importance of dropping our colonial conditioning and reclaiming our Ancestral heritage.

Due to many requests, in addition to initiation, The Earth Center is now extending another opportunity for those interested in it’s mission to become involved and make impactful contributions to this cultural revolution. The Earth Center is offering Memberships for individuals to participate in the activities that affect the inner and daily workings of the organization.

Since evil is very dynamic, our tactics of fighting must also change to match the threats it poses but we must always be grounded in our traditions. This is where becoming a member becomes invaluable. It not only gives individuals an opportunity to network and dialogue with other like-minded people, but it also gives them the opportunity to extend their skill sets to further this mission; a mission that assists us in reconquering ourselves. By becoming a member, individuals will be given opportunities to assist with various aspects of the organizational mission. For example, the Prophet Naba once said, “it is writers who change the world” and through membership people will have the ability to contribute to The Earth Center’s publication branch, Firefly Productions, including The Rising Firefly- the largest Kemetic magazine in the world. Individuals can lend assistance as writers, editors, proofreaders, etc. to one of the most important tools we have, the spread of knowledge of our culture around the globe through our publications. Other opportunities open to members include but are not limited to financial planning, fundraising, organization of events, technological support, marketing and participation in board meetings.

By becoming a member, you will be helping the Earth Center continue its mission and its projects. In addition to helping reconnect the diaspora, the Earth Center strives to fight against modern day imperialism that is threatening the existence of those traditional cultures in Meritah. By providing assistance and initiating projects, the Earth Center is fighting to preserve the traditions in Meritah for our future generations. Some projects include preserving cultural monuments, for example forming alliances with traditional Kingships to establish museums and centers honoring the original inhabitants in Meritah. The Earth Center is also building wells in remote areas to assist those choosing to live away from the cities on their ancestral lands. A healing center has also been created which focuses on providing traditional healers with a facility to work in and receive international guests, centered around one location which gives access to those looking for alternative health solutions. (For a more detailed list of the Earth Center’s projects visit the website)

This movement is about having solidarity with like-minded people with a strong calling to bring about change in this world. The Earth Center is an organization designed to rally together warriors who are committed to fight against the evil that has been created by greed and hunger for power. This revolution is different in the tactics that we are using. Our strength is in our numbers and in our traditions. Therefore we must understand the importance of uniting people around the globe. It’s an organization that brings people together who see the desperate need to fight for the rights of our future generations and the survival of our species. For those of you who look at the state of our world and understand that there is no other viable solution than to completely reject everything that was forced upon our ancestors by those who enslaved all of humanity, please consider joining this revolution and support the renaissance of humanity’s original culture.

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