The Kemetic Meso-American Connection

In the last issue of The Rising Firefly, we began our exploration into the ancient Olmec civilization of Meso-America, albeit the last article pertaining to this topic and the information provided was from a purely academic perspective. There have been hundreds of books and essays published about the ancient Olmecs which attempt to give an in-depth view of the “mother culture” of the Americas. A culture which gave birth to the Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Inca and all indigenous American societies that we are aware of today.

While consulting all available colonial academic resources we must keep in mind that colonial research tells the Olmec’s story only from the angle of what the modern world has been made aware of regarding their presence in Meso-America. There is also an indigenous point of view that stems from the birthplace of all humanity, Merita (pre-colonial Africa), that comes to shed more light on the Olmecs and their history. Approaching this subject from a traditional Kemetic (African) position presents a “safer” account because they have succeeded in preserving and transferring knowledge that has survived the superstitions, ideologies, judgements and inaccuracies of modern thought.

The Dogon culture of West Africa is one such group that has preserved and passed down sacred knowledge since the time of the Pharaohs. This particular culture made up the upper echelon of what is known as the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) civilization. The Dogon, which loosely translates into the English word “landlord", has continued the secret initiations and education of the Mystery School system of the temples of the Nile and Niger valleys for which Itoure (Nile Valley) is famous. Their account of the Olmecs predates the Olmec’s arrival in the Americas, long before the term “Olmec” was introduced.

The world of academia somehow still refuses to admit for certain that the Olmecs were of Kemetic origin.  Research conducted by the majority of scholars, who happen to be of European descent, largely claims that the Olmecs were of Asian origin. They have even gone as far as to claim that the colossal stone Olmec heads, which have big full lips and wide noses, are depictions of Asian people. Some of these famous monuments clearly show braided hair from behind that is in a style and pattern that is unique only to what is now called Ethiopia. To assert that the Olmecs were of Asian origin is not accurate, but it’s not very far off either. It was the mating between the two groups, specifically the Kemmioo (Africans) and the Innuits (Eskimos) that expanded the population in the Americas, producing the “native” American culture. The Kemmioo were the first people in America, and they arrived about 50,000 years before Christianity. Many scholars are trying to pinpoint exactly where in Africa the “Olmecs” came from. Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a Dogon/Kemetic High Priest from Burkina Faso, West Africa offered some insight on the topic. “The areas of exchange between the two continents, Merita (Africa) and Maanu (Name for the Americas in the Medu/hieroglyphic language) were so wide that one cannot talk about the Olmecs coming from a specific area of Kemet. It would be like asking which area of Kemet the Blacks in the U.S. came from”, Master Naba stated. Regarding the reasons behind their original journey to America, Master Naba went on to say, “When a civilization expands, it does so with its qualities and its faults. The expansion of the black civilization covered the whole world, and that never happens with a specific objective. The concept of the World of the Dead, the ancestral spirit and the creation are what blacks brought with them wherever they went. It was Kemetic culture that brought to the world the awareness that a human being has a soul”.

History has not hidden the fact that everywhere European culture has set foot, murder and destruction soon followed. The most familiar version of history here in America is that the slaughter of the “native” American Indians was carried out by white settlers, who were mainly of English descent. But there was already a history of bloodshed in America long before the whole cowboy-versus-Indian story. “The Olmec (African) society was the target first of the Vikings, and then of the Conquistadors.

The first genocide in Maanu (The Americas, also known as Abya Yala by the South American Indian tribes of the equatorial regions, Ixachitlan by the Mexikan tribes, and more recently Turtle Island by Canadian/First Nation tribes of the lower lands)  was committed against the Olmecs. The people who were later called the Maya, Aztecs, etc. were the regroupings of the rest of Olmec society that was now a mix of Blacks, [Inuits] and Vikings”, Master Naba added. “Even before mixing with the Vikings, there was the mixing between the Kemetic tribes known as the Olmecs and the Inuit tribes”. (We must note that the term Eskimo is really a derogatory term and is only used as a reference for our readers).

It was this original mix that left room for some modern scholars to claim that the Olmecs were of Asian origin. They really were not. In order to fully understand the relationship between the Blacks and the Inuits, one must first understand the relationship that was established between Merita (Africa) and the ancient Chinese (Asian) Dynasties. Even until now, it has been reported and documented that there are over one hundred pyramids in modern day China. One of them is even said to be larger than the Great Pyramid in modern day Egypt. We will reserve this topic for another issue of this column. But for now, it should be made clear that when the Vikings and Conquistadors arrived on the American scene, the new mix of people they produced was not from consensual matings. It was rape and kidnapping, more so than mating, that produced the Maya and the other Meso-American peoples.

There is little that remains of Olmec culture today. The most significant remnants are the colossal stone Olmec heads that are scattered throughout Mexico and Central America. As stated in the last issue of this column, the Olmec heads are thought to be the representation of Olmec rulers which served to glorify them while alive and commemorate them after death. This, of course, is the academic point of view, but the Kemetic perspective has it that these stone heads were much more than that. “The heads were made as the materialisation of their origin” Master Naba said. “This has a spiritual significance because sacrifices were made at the heads so that they would reach the Neteru (Gods) in the motherland (Merita) before it affected the universe. The heads are actually shrines linked to the shrines in Merita”, Master Naba went on to share.

This knowledge now opens a new door of investigation, especially to those who are technicians (traditional priests and medicine men) in the spiritual field. If the shrines (Olmec heads) are activated through ritual, that would hold great implications. Authentic shrines can affect the energy of any environment where they are constructed in ways man cannot. Maybe there is a reason behind the secrecy of this knowledge, especially for the systems that colonized the areas where the stone heads reside. The Shrine or Jengili provides the Neteru (Gods) a portal through which they can directly affect an environment energetically, making the area favorable or unfavorable for the society that is responsible for supplying the appropriate offerings that are requested by the Neteru. The traditional priests usually dedicate their lives to fulfill such obligations. One can only imagine the changes that would occur in the Americas if the heads were active. Unfortunately, many of the stone heads are in museums or have been defaced. But there are many that remain intact in nature.

This is where our search has led us for now, and we shall look into this matter thoroughly and report back to our readers further findings from our quest In Search of The Gods.

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