The Importance of M'TAM

Even though many ethnologists and anthropologists have written a lot about Gourmantche people and other African tribes, I would like to say that African religions are fundamentally the same from north to south and east to west.  The basic African man, deeply refined in his beliefs and perception of humanity, became the historic victim of other people.  He has yielded to modern civilization as if he had lost interest in life and everything that surrounds him.  He has waited for others to show proof of their ways of managing existence.  He took refuge in the appearance of intellectual and psychological confusion and gave himself the image of a fragile race, incapable of decisions, running away from itself and the knowledge it brought to humanity.

   Nowadays one can say that false doctrines have proved themselves : knowing that they only evolve through adversity and struggle for survival, they have advanced by steps of declarations of war, domination, and the subjugation of others.  

   While humanity was waiting for new developments in the sciences of geometry, mathematics, astronomy, and others with the idea that this might give new direction to the search of knowledge, humanity has not seen anything that is fundamentally new since the discoveries of the priests from the temples of Pharaohs.  And worse, the Greeks have revealed themselves as plagiarists of knowledge that was there long before their emergence from savagery.

   We have observed for centuries this human mentality that feels alive only through enemies that it creates and destroys.  It is not slavery itself that disgraced the Greco-Roman system (especially when one realizes that slavery was practiced on the race that enlightened the universe with its knowledge that the slave master has been using until now) it is because the Greek could not find a better knowledge system, and because he knows only how to run in pursuit of his insatiable appetites.  He exercises his avidity and his greed, to ensure that his ego always finds a new pleasure to fill his time through his cycles of destruction and self-destruction.  Throughout time, humanity finds itself in positions where we have to worry about our own survival and the survival of our planet.  All this has happened in less than 2000 years of anti-natural education and behavior.

   Gourmantche tradition is one of the most refined and the most spiritual of the planet.  The Gourmantche culture could easily have been confused with all of the other important spiritual cultures if one did not notice the importance of "the language of the Gods", meaning "the oracle of the Earth", in the individual and collective lives of people.  "Gourmantche people interrogate the Earth about everything, and they submit to the speech of the Earth," say ethnologists.

   This tradition was transmitted to our ancestors a little before the great migration that brought us from the Nile Valley to the southwestern Sahalian.  From there we dispersed into diverse groups and filled the whole continent of Africa.

   One interrogates Bayuali : it is important before every act to know its energetic impact on others and on nature; on the whole Earth, on the cosmos and on time.  Every stage of the present is considered as a small portion of the great cycle of the becoming through which existence goes and about which our conscience should be enlightened.  This cycle is so great and so refined that it represents by itself the greatest tyranny directly addressed to living beings under the threat of its responsibility in the destruction of existence, "One person can eat beans and call constipation upon the people of a whole city", says a Gourmantche proverb.  The principle of adaptation and harmonization of energies has a vital importance.  The entire solar system moves stimulated by the need to harmonize with the cosmos and not to become an obstacle to the flow of energies.  In the system, every planet, every component is expected to place itself in positions that do not disturb the principle of cosmic harmony.  This maybe what explains the importance of M'TAM as the language of energies through which a human being converses with his planet, his ancestors, and his environment, with the goal of becoming as harmless as possible to existence.

   Through the recent past, diverse peoples learned small parts of M'TAM, which they then adapted to their materialistic aspirations as a form of divination known as Geomancy.  The importance of this science, as a springboard for human material and spiritual development, is proved by the fact that even the little they know of it solves the metaphysical problems of humanity.

   Before anything else, M'TAM is an initiatic science through which knowledge of cycles of energetic becomings conditions the spiritual development of mankind.  The impressive inner calm that can be sensed with M'TAM practices is not the result of a chance mixture of sensations but the sign of a subconscious comfort.  This comfort can be expressed in the social level if every one of us becomes aware of his or her spiritual duty toward the Earth.

   The face of each human is the face of his society : his humor, his preoccupation... briefly, his suffering is presented to him only on a small scale, so that every person who passes us takes with him a small part of all of us, creating on the individual level the feeling of social dynamism.  That feeling is a psychological movement that is very complex and very challenging to society itself, since it is expected to give each individual the means for his or her struggle.

   Every step that is taken can be seen as a new space in which one element of the group wandered, a new doorway to existence that one rushes to close and then to keep its keys with the satisfying feeling of having conquered a new spiritual hunting ground that will be exploited more thoroughly when needed.  This is the biggest problem that exists for the individual who believes in his intelligence and his society.

   The seriousness of a society can be determined by the goals that are set by the same society and the clairvoyance that is shown in the way it chooses the means that could lead it to those goals.  History has shown that when a society turns its back on the individual because of the euphoria of its material conquest, it falls into a psychic decadence and drowns in the mud of dualism by vacillating between destruction of others and destruction of itself.  Its children kill and commit suicide without any real emotion.  This was seen in the periods of the 18th dynasty in the Nile Valley when Pharaohs started seeing their greatness through the territorial conquests they made, instead of through their spiritual qualities.  The Nile Valley, during that period, enjoyed great glory and material wealth.  The Pharaohs were expecting a cosmic benediction because of the offerings they were making to the priests, but they obtained only the kind of place that is usually reserved for anyone who is presented as an obstacle to the perfection of the harmony in the dialogue of the energies.  And anybody who becomes an obstacle to the becoming of things simply fall into the cycle of destruction and self-destruction.

   This principle applies to any society in which individual growth happens in the sense of conquests for the thirst of the ego.  From all the great civilizational currents, only a few marks are now left : ruins that can be found here and there in nature, like old scars on the skin of Mother Earth.

   Africa, in spite of its conquests and material wealth, has remained the light of humanity, and we owe this to the people of the dynasties who produced, before the 18th dynasty, a social organization directed toward the individual and his spiritual comfort and only then worked toward his complete integration into nature as a link of the ecological chain.

   Nowadays, there still exist examples that cry out against the trouble of the subconscious : a new social orchestration made of choices between things and concepts which, by themselves, bully the individual from his birth all the way to the decisive moment of his life, and progressively reduce movements of his consciousness.  This creates in him conditioned reflexes while also preserving in him the feeling that he is choosing freely, and this leads to the assumption that he has chosen for his own good and for the good of humanity.

   The main present social system accords more importance to the spirit of conquest than to the spirit of a humble life lived in harmony with others.  Nowadays, the individual is in a sort of crusade against anything that reminds him of his anonymous place in the concert of energies.  The modern individual looked for his enemies everywhere - even among microbes - and it is in the microscopic world that he finally got the feeling that he had found an enemy who matched his size and could become an obstacle to his glorious march.

   This discovery in fact marks a turning point in the psychological evolution of the modern individual.  This individual whom we know as lost between the feeling of survivor and the feeling of colonizer; frustrated to see that the natural order includes him not as a leader but merely as a species among others.  So he starts trying to invent a new order that will place him at the summit.  He created egocentric religions, preaching the supremacy of mankind over the other creatures, and worse.  He is now propagating the dangerous idea that the world was created to serve humankind.  In his struggle to impose himself on others, he always comes out more frustrated every time he finds himself in front of a species that adapts itself and survives marvelously.  And again it is humankind that must always retreat farther away from things that he cannot colonize or destroy because the idea that these things exist simply frightens him.

   This is one of the causes of the modern human's psychological troubles : his frustration with limits that others pose to his freedom - a loss of freedom in front of anything that he cannot destroy or colonize.  When we take a closer look, we can see that, even when in his senses, mankind appears to rebel against the very same nature that he thinks denies him adventure.

   Even the process of thinking (that is the first manifestation of our freedom) only contributes to restraining that freedom.  Every time we have understood or thought we understood something, we have either lost ground or our consciousness has reduced the momentum of our adventurous freedom.  Psychiatric analysis of the modern individual shows that he is a being profoundly conditioned by his frustration about everything that surrounds him.  Scientific progress shows him every day that what he thought were specific marks of human spirit were only a mental habit from which he can separate himself if he stopped the habit.  The human subconscious appears to contain cornerstones that mark his psychological turning point, and they formed the face he had even before his parents were conceived.  Everything that is around or in us is shocking and frustrating.

   Even though we love animals, how many times have we been frustrated by the majestic flight of the bird, the imposing size of the elephant, the hard skin of the crocodile, the graceful swim of a fish... How many times did we want to swim with the grace of a fish or just live below that water or in the sky?  When we observe states coats of arms, the quantity and the diversity of animals used as symbols only leads to the conclusion that even the collective subconscious makes its way through the decor of impressions on us left by the other components of nature.  These profound marks that are left on us by the other components of nature (before they wisely returned to their places in the universe of the becoming) are, perhaps, what excite our senses and push us towards adventures.  Because the senses of the ego are insatiable, we always want to go further in search of supreme events we shall never find because we have the habit of always imagining a greater pleasure.

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