Spiritual Pilgrimage

Given the requirement of the era which opens in front of us, for every worthy son and daughter of Wsr to draw up themselves against the forces of evil in order to affirm themselves and to rise to the one and only possibility of, without a doubt, the redevelopment of all that belonged to our ancestors, this rich inheritance which these children seek and our elders have preserved and which is the subject today of study for some and competition for others, I had remained amazed but also filled with wonder by the passion and engagement of the Earth Center Initiates who, on pilgrimage to Kemet last year, aimed at re-inspiring these Kemetic traditional and spiritual values considering the evil actions which our planet endures.

So words cannot express my satisfaction with all these initiates who, seeing what lay before them, understood that the stakes were so high that they needed to cross the oceans and brave the air to return to their roots (Merita), to the bosom of their peers.

Even today, nostalgia holds us together as we remember the moments spent with these initiates and the atmosphere which prevailed under the roof of The Earth Center here in Kemet and around Master Naba who was happy at his return to home. Without devoting more time on these details, though moving and nostalgic, the incredible thing for me was to observe them quickly and painlessly learn the day-to-day life of the Dogon people, even though they had lived for a long time in a society that is different and contradictory to the realities of Kemet.

Some people brought their bare hands to farm work and others to domestic activities. The men whom they met were their fathers, the women their mothers and the youth their brothers and sisters, and the fact made real their sense of family and politeness.

And these virtues made them Kem people. No one could think that they had come from another world whose system does not stop plunging the human race into distress. From today and more than ever before, this continent (Merita), which has longed for people like them, will not stop shouting loud and clear in order to bring in its next renaissance. And Merita's revival will happen only because of the commitment of its worthy daughters and sons all over the world who accept The Earth Center.

I say to them, "Be sure and proud to be an example and a model for others, seeing your determination and your courage. One clue is that His Majesty the Great King of Gulmu (The Gourmantche), symbol and protector of the values which our ancestors left us, has made you his famous guests by opening the doors of his palace grandly and constantly - all this recognizes and supports your fight against the dehumanization of people of color and against the devaluation of their spiritual system.

Since it is the home of all homes and the pillar of all knowledge, I could not close without expressing my strong wish to see you again, very soon, in Merita, and with the new soldiers who took on the struggle against forces of Seth (destruction). Our effectiveness in this battle depends entirely on our willingness to bring ourselves closer to our ancestors. Reestablishing this communion with our ancestors speaks well for the future of our children, in this world as well as in that of Wsr's."

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