The Keepsake of the Shrine Keepers

Since the close of Misra (the capital of Kemet located along the Nile River Valley), traditional Kemetic spirituality has lost a major portion of its followers to the Abrahamic beliefs that have not yet ceased their rampage. Long misperceived by many modern believers to be witchcraft, paganism, and demonic religion, traditional spiritual practices of the Mother of Civilizations continue to survive. It is essential that novice believers, adepts, initiates, disciples and pilgrims understand that the existential realities (existing before the birth of the sun, the moon and the stars), spiritual rituals (such as fasting, cleansing, daily prayers, offerings and sacrifices), pilgrimages to sacred sites, grand ceremonies honoring the Deities and Gods, and the worship of the Ancestral spirit, along with the spirits of trees, rivers, mountains, and forests have always been the bedrock of all spiritual practices. The detachment and seclusion of certain lines and clans known by the name Naba, was necessary for the maintenance of the spiritual professionalism amongst the ranks of humanity. 

The following story has not been heard by modern ears outside of our initiations. It reveals how the powerful temples of the Naba bloodline were preserved, and came to be revered as the paramount temples of the Gulmu/Dagomba (or Gourmantche/Dogon) Kingdom. 

Since the beginning of civilization, every family has been entrusted with a specialty enabling its members to heal a specific ailment or make a specific contribution towards the survival or well-being of humanity. Since then, the Naba bloodlines have been known as the shrine (temple) keepers holding the responsibility for all activities regarding astronomy, Kemetic science, philosophy, spirituality and geomancy. 

The Nabas are referred to as the intermediaries between humans and the Divine World. Devoted to this duty, the bloodline has been initiating every one of its descendants to carry on the legacy of the very first ancestors of the bloodline, those called the patriarchal ancestors. These initiations have been going on since that time from father to son, from mother to daughter, from mouth to ears, and from generation to generation… and they continue to the present day. 

The name “NABA” is a very old name. It comes from the Medu/Hieroglyphic word “NEB” which means “priest”. We are a long line of priests. The modern believer can verify that in the bible, one can read: the only people that the children of Israel listened to and bowed to are called the Nabateans. You can study one of the many historical civilizations of the Nabateans which existed right to present day Arabia. The name in Arabic for prophet is Anaba or Anebi. The history is there. 

So, the story I’m about to tell is a story that has been told since our very first Ancestors. This story provides a clear understanding, to whoever seeks to understand how the temples of the Nabas have become the most powerful and essential temples for not only the Kings, Prophets, and Pharaohs of Kemetic society but for any person looking for spiritual salvation and redemption. 

The Naba temple elevates any pilgrim/worshipper who brings their wishes and kneels before the Deities that dwell within it. 

During the time of the Greco-Roman invasions, to avoid having their essential knowledge fall into the hands of barbarians, our Naba Ancestors were asked to migrate with all of the knowledge that will preserve humanity, all of the knowledge that enables humanity to achieve. They migrated towards Western Meritah in order to protect their culture. Over many generations of migrations, avoiding the invaders in their relentless usurpation of welath and knowledge, the Nabas travelled through the desert, creating settlements in Chad before continuing towards the Djoliba or Niger River Valley. They eventually settled around the Djoliba river. 

Throughout history, there have been many attempts to take the knowledge and Deities away from us, many attempts made to separate us from our customs and cultural responsibilities. Many of the Nabas from generation to generation resisted these attempts. Most of them sacrificed their lives and their families to be able to protect and preserve all of the knowledge that the line has been safe-keeping in spite of the invaders and their ambitions. 

Long ago, amidst this historical backdrop, there were two kings who possessed two antagonistic yet Divine powers. The first was the King of our Ancestral nome, the second was a King who was coming to invade our Ancestral lands. When he came to invade, he was accompanied by his warriors. His army fought for many days but were unsuccessful in conquering the nomes which were home to the temples kept by the Naba bloodline. As one can imagine, after such an intense battle warriors on both sides were tired and wounded. 

The high priest Naba Mouri and his disciples came to support these weary warriors. When they came to assist, instead of bringing relief aides to their own people first, they went and gave assistance to the invaders. The priest stated, 

We know you’re coming to destroy us, but our principles and our Gods are against inhospitality and deprivation of subsistence, so we have brought you some water, milk and food to nourish you and your people.

The invading King and his people were surprised and astonished. They had thought that the Priests were going to support their own Kings and people first. 

Naba Mouri said, Every human being stands equal in front of the Divine (the Gods in our temples). We are the intermediaries between humans and the Divine. We stand on the principles of Gods - not in allegiance to the authority of any particular Kings. 

Shocked, the invading King and his people accepted the supplies and took care of themselves. Afterwards, the foreign King took off his crown and placed it on the ground. All of the Divine powers and Deities that he had (powers passed down to him by his predecessors), he removed them all and put them in the crown. With this act the King had shown his allegiance to the knowledge, abilities and position of the priest as an intermediary to the Divine. Then the other King, after seeing all that had transpired, completed the action.  He took the invading King’s crown and all of the supernatural things within it, and put it all inside of his Royal crown, and all of the Divine powers and Deities were added together. They then made a pact that, 

No other King has the right to fight, all of the Kings will have to kneel down in front of the priests of this temple because of what you have done… As long as you [Nabas] know how to take care of this responsibility, all of the Kings will have to bow to you to have legitimacy in front of humans and Gods.

To this day, that is why all of the legitimate Kings of the Gulmu/Dagomba regions kneel down in front of the Nabas. The Nabas don’t bow before a King. For any King to have legitimacy in front of their people and the Gods, that King has to show allegiance to the temple of the Nabas just as their Ancestors have before them. 

The crowns and amulets that they put together that day, have been kept in the Naba temples for all of the Kings around the world. This is what remains in the Gulmu regions for the whole world to benefit from. 

Many millennia have passed since the temples have been closed in order to preserve the knowledge and power from the ambitions of the pretentious leaders of today. Now, the Nabas from the Dagomba (Dogon) tribe have been grandted permission from the Ancestors and the Divine World to re-open their temples in order to assist humans in resisting the degeneration of the modern era. 

The year 413 of the Sidereal Calendar brings the opportunity for the first new wave of pilgrims, initiates, and Kings to honor, by their presence and/or offerings, this temple established at the heart of humanity’s spiritual pursuit. Traditional prayers, offerings, spiritual traditions of music and dance, will be held during the re-opening of the temple this year. 

The offerings in the Naba temple have four main benefits: 

The first one is “Divination” or the interpretation of the past, present and future actions. 

The second one is “identity” or assistance in establishing a liaison between the world of humans and the world of Ancestors. 

The third one is “Purification” or a cleansing process on the individual from the spiritual debris and blockages coming from filth, impurities, mistakes, and crossing forbidden territories. 

The fourth one is the “Rite of Passage.” This only happens every eight years on what is known as the Munny Cycle according to Kem Society. This process helps initiates to preserve the harmony of our Ancestral legacy by properly setting the individual for a new function in his/her destiny within the greater existence. 

This is the Ancestral Legacy carried by Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig when he was sent into the Diaspora with a mission to establish The Earth Center schools and reconnect those interested to their original spiritual culture. We invite you to accompany the disciples of Master Naba on this year’s annual pilgrimage in order to participate in this important spiritual event. May your Ancestors grant their permission for your journey to the Land of Mystery and may the Divine World show their approval. 

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