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What is Rising Firefly Productions?

Firefly Productions is the publishing branch of The Earth Center. Our production house focuses on the dissemination of knowledge through the marketing of books, periodicals, newspapers, audio-visual resources, posters, promotional clothing and calendars.  We strive to not only offer reading materials, but to also offer practical tools for individuals who are interested in deepening their studies of Kemetic culture for their own well being.

Rising Firefly Productions and Kebtah's Mission

The educational resources Firefly offers allows one to access an unadulterated gateway back into the wisdom and lifestyle of indigenous human culture. The Earth Center is unique in that we are firmly rooted in the existing Kemetic societies of West Africa.  We strive to proliferate the perspective and knowledge of these societies through written works, essays, articles, videos, and other materials which are available to anyone.


Our purpose is to promote diversity and awareness.  
We strive to bring people of different backgrounds, education, and cultures together to learn from and grow with one another. We are coming from the perspective of the African civilization, as the African continent is the cradle of all civilizations.  
We believe that by going back to the origins of civilization, we will bring unity among all people.
“It is about time we look for the unity of all humankind!”

Rising Firefly Productions Products

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Firefly Productions was started in 1997 by Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig. Our first publication was called “Choices” Magazine. In subsequent years “Choices” became “The Rising Firefly” Magazine. Since then, Firefly Productions has expanded its offerings to the public to include a wide array of media in order to meet the public demand for this priceless knowledge.

Firefly Productions strives to not only offer reading materials, but to also offer practical tools for individuals who are interested in deepending their studies of Kemetic culture for their own well-being.
Our products include:

The Rising Firefly
The Sidereal Calendar
The Code of Human Behaviour Poster
The Mandala of Dendera
The Philosophy Podium Book
Tales of Hej Ptah Book
The Book of Purifications
Sunnyside Newspaper

Firefly Productions also offers audio and video
lectures for download, art-posters for print,
clothing, prayer flags and more.
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Offering these resources to the world is undoubtedly a great and profound effort, but it does not come without production costs. Every time we release, or re-print material, there are associated production costs. We have many works that are unpublished, and many regular printings that could use your

If you are interested in supporting Firefly
Productions in our efforts to release new books and products, or to donate towards ongoing printing
expenses, please click on the link below for more

Help us publish unpublished works
by Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig!
These unpublished works include:

Initiatic Tales of Hej Ptah - Volume 2
From Reincarnation to Reincarnation
The Sidereal Calendar Book
A Hieroglyphic Dictionary
French & Spanish versions of The Philosophy Podium
French & Spanish versions of Initiatic Tales of Hej Ptah
Kemetic Food Guide Poster
Remastering Audio/Video Recordings of Lectures

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Our Mission

The Earth Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting humanity's Ancestral culture in order to sustain the health and well-being of all people.
We are an organization based on respect of human dignity regardless of race, gender, age, religion, socioeconomic status, philosophical or political belief.

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